IAU Entrepreneurship Center:

Entrepreneurship center Islamic Azad University (IAU, Zanjan Branch) established for the first time in all IAUs branches in 2006. The center focused its activities in four areas: Training, Advertising, Promoting, Consultancy and Research. From its anticipation to 2008, the centre has more than 700 members. The following is the summary report of our activities from 2006 to 2008.

“Entrepreneurship, Necessity of Today's Society” Conference

The center organized conference with the purpose of familiarizes students with the concepts of entrepreneurship. During the conference, the center was official lunch by government officials.

Meetings with Academic Societies and Students

Entrepreneurship center tried to connect with Academic Societies for introduce entrepreneurship, future programs, and collaboration. The Center also organized many briefings for different majors in order to students' familiarity with the dimensions of entrepreneurship and job empowerment.

Publishing Newsletters:

Newsletter published once every two weeks for reporting and notification of the center activities such as entrepreneurship articles, training materials, introducing Iran's and world top entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship VCD/DVD Archive:

The center created a considerable archive with subjects of entrepreneurship, business and management for using students.


Below are some of the training seminars that were done:

  • Team Work and Team Building
  • Writing Business Plan
  • Effective communication
  • Entrepreneurship and Creativity
  • Techniques of Success

Entrepreneurship Training Courses:

Entrepreneurship Center successfully concluded an agreement with Labor and Social Security Institute. Based on the agreement, the center prepared and performed free course about Entrepreneurship and Lunching a Business for students. Each course for student groops took 72 hours and all the cost paid by the institute.

Meeting with Entrepreneurs and Visiting Business Exhibitions

These programs performed for connecting students with business and use of entrepreneurs’ experiments and their comments and responding to students’ questions.